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Porcia Road homicide. Italy “must” prove its independence

The death of the Porcia boy run over by a U.S. serviceman stationed at the U.S. base in Aviano raises again the issue of judicial jurisdiction over U.S. servicemen who commit crimes or commit criminal acts in Italy.
It is time for the government of the Republic to show the world that it is a “sovereign” state and not a colony at service of US.
If, as seems ascertained, the female soldier driving the car was drunk, this must be tried by the Italian justice system and serve the term imprisonment in Italy.
It is time for the Americans to respect not only the sovereignty of the Italian state but also the rules governing the presence of foreign military in Italy.
In subcomm B, paragraph b – Article VII of the Convention between the member states on the Status of their Militaries signed in London in 1951, it is expressly provided that the state of “sojourn,” in this case Italy, has the right-and let us add the duty-to try the foreign military who has committed a crime in the host state.
Cermis  and its twenty dead are still waiting for justice, and the Italian government cannot once again accept that a crime committed in Italy by a U.S. military should go unpunished.
The alternative is to continue to be and show the world that Italy is a vassal and colony of the US.

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