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The UN joke …Guterres calls on Taliban to respect human rights

It sounds like a joke, but it’s true.  The UN is primarily responsible for world instability because it has always submitted supinely to American adventurism, and now its General Secretary wants to play a rule on the rubble of the 20-year war. ” Urges the Taliban and all other parties to exercise utmost restraint in order to protect lives and ensure that humanitarian needs can be addressed” Guteress  said.
 How can the UN have credibility after twenty years of inaction ?
Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Afghanistan are the most striking examples that confirm how the UN has become over time a useless entity and in some ways dangerous for peace. Where the UN arrives, the problem is not solved, indeed it gets worse because it constitutes a permanent supranational entity useful only for its own survival.
UNIFIL, UNMOGIP, UNRWA, UNFICYP  are not very edifying examples.
In Afghanistan, once again the law of the tomb of empires has been applied without discount for anyone. The war is lost. But the defeat is political and strategic. The mistakes are equally divided between governments and military hierarchies. The defeat for the West is very serious and for Italy is certainly a new and heavy Caporetto.
US military adventurism has no end and continues to do damage. Political and strategic errors of generals of the third millennium unable to understand the country.
The human factor, the knowledge of the territory, the pride of the people who survived the war for centuries, finally got the upper hand over the US third millenium technology on which the generals relied.
Twenty years of war, hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths considered a “side effect”, tragically foreseen.
Thousands of soldiers immolated for a lost cause, for the desire of the U.S. government and the governments that aligned with it, to start a war they believed they had won.
Too many differences to not be convinced they were winning, which makes the defeat all the more weighty and cruel.
The United States brought technology, drones, fighter planes, satellite surveillance. The Islamic fighters, children of U.S. anti-Soviet policy, had only ammunition depots.
But they were born with war and have always lived with war.
Afghanistan pays for foreign attention. In 1973, the United States and the Soviet Union helped Daoud Khan overthrow the constitutional monarchy that was leading the country toward modernity.
It was the beginning of the warlord story.
In 1978 a military coup, known as the Saur Revolution, took place with the support of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan.
In 1979 the invasion of Soviet Union that after 10 years of war had to admit defeat and withdraw ingloriously leaving on the ground thousands of soldiers, destruction and an unspecified number of civilian deaths.
USA and Pakistan “constituted” the Taliban, so-called “Islamic students”, ancestors of the current fighters.
The US and the West, dishonorably defeated, after twenty years of war and destruction, are credited with returning Afghanistan to the dark years of the post-monarchy.
If only politicians and military strategists had carefully studied the country’s history, they could have figured out what kind of political, social and economic approach would be needed for Afghanistan after the initial defeat of the Taliban.
The U.S. and Westerners presumed to export Western democracy and disrupt the local millennial culture.
Now they are paying a very high price for their inability, but the highest price will be paid by Afghans, especially women.
They have permanently destroyed Amānullāh Khān‘s dream of leading the country towards a liberal democracy and equal dignity between men and women.
A medal of dishonor.
The cowardice of the West is counterbalanced by the pride and honor of Ahmad Massud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud,  who  calls on Afghans to join his guerrillas to fight the Taliban.

Ahmad Massud – the afghan hope


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