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Unifil, the biggest bluff of the modern era  is really in bad shape

Unifil is in bad shape pretending to feel a peacekeeping force.
Confirmed reports from Naqoura Headquarter  state that UNIFIL, together with LAF conducted a five-day fire exercise which aims to strengthen the existing coordination mechanism between the two “forces”.
This is ridiculous and seems a regular show to try to justify its useless and harmful presence.
In South Lebanon, and not only, Hezbollah has political, military, economic and social control  so that in absence of its placet not even a leaf moves.

UNIFIL and and LAF’s subordination to Hezbollah appears clear

Therefore, UNIFIL games in the shadow of the Hezbollah’s power and this was possible only after the green light oh Nasrallah.
UNIFIL is the biggest bluff of the modern era and  part of a political financial game that  will have tragic repercussions in the near future. It is a worldwide shame  to see that over 10,000 international soldiers are under the cap of a declared and confirmed  terrorist group.
It is clear and documented that the LAF, made up of soldiers belonging to factions, more or less close to Hezbollah, which do not fully respond to the hierarchies of whose loyalty to the government and capacity are expressed strong doubts, has 12 infantry brigades and 2 artillery brigades, and obviously does not really cooperate with UNIFIL and UNIFIL does not have the political strength to impose a serious and effective peace enforcement action.
Ban Ki-Moon
Former UN Gen. Secreatry

Ban Ki-Moon, the former UN General Secretary, having already taken note of the situation in 2007, in asking for collaboration from the Lebanese government, announced that UNIFIL “will be severely tested in the months to come”.
Fourteen years have passed. Hezbollah is a military political reality, even if it is a terrorist one, it counts thousands of people and it is equipped with heavy weapons and Iranian missiles of the last generation.
The Syrian-Lebanese border is an open highway through which weapons and munitions pass undisturbed.
UNIFIL, that in the context appears crushed on the Lebanese positions and functional to Hezbollah, in 2007 had to admit that the proofs that the Israelis had presented about the traffic of weapons between Syria and Lebanon were reliable.
António Guterres
UN Gen. Secretary

The current UN secretary has only stammered a feeble call for the collaboration of the Lebanese government and the LAF. He did have one merit, however.
He admitted the total failure of UNIFIL.
A bleak and degrading picture that the international community cowardly suffers.
Michele Santoro

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